Hi, i am Rein.

I’m a functional programmer and pattern seeker.

I believe the purpose of life is to grow. I have many different interests, and prefer to try new things.

When a new activity conflicts with an existing one, I often choose the new. Creativity is more important to me than money.

My interests include philosophy, computer science, writing, typography, art, techno production, fitness and phenethylamines.

I value honesty, courage and freedom. Being honest to others means being honest with myself. This improves decision making and simplifies my life.

I love deep conversation, touch and affection.

I’m also vegetarian, because I believe compassion for animals strengthens compassion for people.

I live in Zwolle, the Netherlands. If you’d like to meet up in person, feel free to contact me. I prefer smiles over smileys.

Check out my projects on Github.